PI metal detector (00434 Project SMD)
  • PI metal detector (00434 Project SMD)
  • PI metal detector (00434 Project SMD)

PI metal detector (00434 Project SMD)


You can use it for:

  - General purpose metal detector

  - Searching on the beach

  - Searching old ferrous metals


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Attention! This is not a real device - only project for direct manufacturing (PCB and assembling)

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Pulse induction metal detector

Model on 1-PCB.com: 00434

Assembled board can be purchased from the site www.NewHobby.eu

Type of the components: SMD

Number of layers: 2

Dimension of the PCB: 52 x 42 mm

The downloadable ZIP file contain files:




Pick and Place

High resolution schematic

List of components

Short manual

PCB files for printing (top and bottom)

No any brands on the board. 



Model on New Hobby: 00434

Principle: PI (Pulse Induction)

Mode: "non-motion"

Indication: light (LED) and sound. 

Search coil: Red (you can buy it from the site). Also you can do it yourself (description in manual)

Sensitivity: 17-20 cm for small coin, 25 cm for big coin, beer can 60 cm (depending of the adjustement of the threshold)

Power supply: 12 V

Reverse voltage protection

Consumption: 40 mA

SIZE of the board: 52 x 42 mm

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